Alt Codes & Symbols

When personal computers were built for the first time, many characters like Latin languages (French, Portuguese), English with accent marks, symbols ($ sign, etc.), and icons (happy face, etc.) were not supported and were not associated with keys. So, IBM developed a way to display the special characters which can't be input with the keyboard on the screen. While pressing the Alt key down, type the code defined for the character via the Alt Numpad input method. Then other operating systems developed this feature or extended forms that are still available now, such as DOS and Microsoft Windows systems.

Using Alt codes method is a lot faster than searching for symbols in the library, and then inserting it. It also helps if you have a broken key. For example, you can use this code Alt+ 032 to add spaces between words.

There are hundreds of Alt key symbols. They are created by the combination of the alt key and numbers. For example, Alt+1 to Alt+31 represent icon symbols like faces and icons, numbers 176 to 223 represent graphic lines and polygons.

Alt codes consist of 5 digits.

Last added Symbols and Codes

Symbol Title / Description Unicode Code / HTML Code
🃱 Playing Card Trump-17 #x1F0F1;
🃓 Playing Card Three Of Clubs #x1F0D3;
Right-shaded White Rightwards Arrow #x27A9;
🁇 Domino Tile Horizontal-03-01 #x1F047;
Male With Stroke And Male And Female #9895;
Downwards Harpoon With Barb Left From Bar ⥡ & #x2961;
💙 Blue Heart #x1F499;
💪 Flexed Biceps &U+1F4AA & #128170
Summation With Integral ⨋ & #x2A0B;
Fullwidth Percent % & #xFF05;
Triangle With Dot Above ⧊ & #x29CA;
🇹🇦 Tristan da Cunha &U+1F1F9 U+1F1E6 & #127481 #127462
Less-than Or Approximate ⪅ & #x2A85;
© Copyright Unicode #169;
White Four Pointed Star #10023;
Minus With Dot Below ⨪ & #x2A2A;
Minus − & #x2212;
🃦 Playing Card Trump-6 #x1F0E6;
𝄷 Ottava Bassa &U + 1D137; & #119095;
Union Above Bar Above Intersection ⩈ & #x2A48;
🃝 Playing Card Queen Of Clubs #x1F0DD;
🂋 Domino Tile Vertical-05-05 #x1F08B;
Downwards Arrow With Double Stroke #x21DF;
🐏 Ram &U+1F40F & #128015
Not Identical To ≢ & #x2262;
🇬🇾 Guyana &U+1F1EC U+1F1FE & #127468 #127486
🥕 Carrot Emoji &U+1F955 & #129365
Short Rightwards Arrow Above Leftwards Arrow #x2944;
𝅘𝅥𝅮 Eighth Note &U + 1D160; & #119136;
Left Triangle Beside Vertical Bar ⧏ & #x29CF;
Kangxi Radical Heart #x2F3C;
Double-line Equal To Or Greater-than ⪚ & #x2A9A;
Plus With Small Circle Above ⨢ & #x2A22;
🇻🇬 British Virgin Islands &U+1F1FB U+1F1EC & #127483 #127468
£ Pound alt code 163
🀝 Mahjong Tile Five Of Circles #x1F01D;
🦖 T-Rex &U+1F996 & #129430
😽 Kissing Cat Face &U+1F63D & #128573
White Square Containing Black Small Square ▣ & #x25A3;
🕢 Clock Face Seven-thirty 🕢 & #x1F562;
🤖 Robot Face &U+1F916 & #129302
White Up-pointing Triangle red -#x25B3;
🃖 Playing Card Six Of Clubs #x1F0D6;
🔁 Clockwise Rightwards And Leftwards Open Circle Arrows #x1F501;
Aries #9800;
Leftwards Arrow-tail #x2919;
Error-barred White Circle ⧲ & #x29F2;
White Circle With Down Arrow #x29EC;
Double Right Arc Less-than Bracket ⦖ & #x2996;
📻 Radio &U + 1F4FB; & #128251;

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