Star Symbols & Alt and HTML Codes

The star symbol is any shape with several points arrayed within an imaginary circle. One of the most famous stars which are related to Jewish culture and religion is the Jewish Star of David, which has six heads. Asterisk is a star used in math as an operator in multiplication operations.

The star symbol represents one of the most beautiful and magical Symbols. The star is a symbol for a lot of meanings include: inspiration, imagination, dreams, pursuits, magic, and creative brilliance.

To fully appreciate the symbolism related to the star, we must first try to think back and imagine what the sky looked like in the ancient culture. Any person driving through, or camped out in remote areas away from city lights have experienced an entirely different night sky. No one can have this experience when he is within a city. The number of stars that we see in isolated areas at night seems to be infinite.

How to use and type Star symbol code?

  • If your keyboard contains separate NumPad, you should be sure that it is enabled. If it is not, press the Num Lock key to activate it then press hold down the Alt key on the left side. Type the number that represents that character or the symbol you want to insert and then release the insert key.
  • For example, for the greek letter omega Ω press and hold Alt and the type 0234 and then release.
  • There is another method that works only for word documents. In this method, you should type the characters first then press Alt and X. For example ( 0234 + Alt + X for greek letter omega ).
  • If you have a keyboard that doesn't have NumPad here is what will work for you. Find the Function key ( FN ) then presses and hold the function key while holding press and release Num LK key; then release FN key. This method will activate the numeric keypad in your laptop.
  • Then do the same steps as in the previous example.
  • Notice that in IBM code you don't use 0 (Alt + 255 ) before the code which is different from the windows generator that requires to add 0 (Alt + 0255 ) before the code.

Table of Symbols and Codes

Symbol Title / Description Code / HTML Code
White Four Pointed Star #10023;
Apl Functional Symbol Star Diaeresis #9059;
🔯 Six Pointed Star With Middle Dot #128303;
Black Centre White Star #10028;
Shadowed White Star #10032;
🌟 Glowing Star #127775;
Star Of David #10017;
Star Equals #8795;
Eight Pointed Rectilinear Black Star #10039;
Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star #10050;
Twelve Pointed Black Star #10041;
Six Pointed Black Star #10038;
🌠 Shooting Star #127776;
Black Four Pointed Star #10022;
Pinwheel Star #10031;
Eight Pointed Black Star #10036;
Eight Pointed Pinwheel Star #10037;
Circled White Star #10026;
White Medium Star #11088;
Black Small Star #11089;
Open Centre Black Star #10027;
Heavy Eight Pointed Rectilinear Black Star #10040;
Black Star #9733;
Star #8902;
White Small Star #11090;
White Star #9734;
Apl Functional Symbol Circle Star #9055;

Something doesn't work?

  • The Num lock should always be enabled. If it is disabled when you are attempting an alt code, it may cause errors or unexpected results in some applications. For example, Alt+4 could be interpreted as Alt +, ← which causes the browser to go back if the Num lock is disabled.
  • If your laptop keyboard doesn't have a separate NumPad, you should hold FN button with Alt button while typing the code.
  • This method does not work for Linux system, but it is possible to use Unicode.

Other Miscellaneous Symbols

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