Alt Codes & Symbols

There are hundreds of Alt key symbols. They are created by the combination of the alt key and numbers.

For example, Alt+1 to Alt+31 represent icon symbols like faces and icons, numbers 176 to 223 represent graphic lines and polygons.


All about Alt Code Symbols

When personal computers were built for the first time, many characters like Latin languages (French, Portuguese), English with accent marks, symbols ($ sign, etc.), and icons (happy face, etc.) were not supported and were not associated with keys. So, IBM developed a way to display the special characters which can’t be input with the keyboard on the screen. While pressing the Alt key down, type the code defined for the character via the Alt Numpad input method. Then other operating systems developed this feature or extended forms that are still available now, such as DOS and Microsoft Windows systems.

How to use Alt Codes

Using Alt codes method is quite faster than searching for various symbols in the library, and then inserting it. Alt Codes also helps if you have a broken key. For instance, you can use the code “Alt+ 032” to add spaces between words.

There are some tips to remember about Alt Codes. For instance, you have to use the numbers on the “Numeric” keypad, as using the number keys right below your function keys may not work. Note that the “Num Lock” should always be on whenever you decide to type Alt codes. If your keyboard does not have a dedicated “Numpad,” then you have another option, in which you have to use an “Fn” key in combination along with a “Num Lock” key.

Be aware that not all the code symbols will show on printouts even though these codes show on your computer’s or laptop’s screen. Concerning the use of the Alt Codes for Apple, you should be aware that Apple has its method and does not rely on the other codes mentioned above. As using Alt codes on a Mac, you will need to use the “Character Viewer” button instead of using Alt codes.

Alt codes consist of 5 digits.
CharacterALT CodeCharacter NameUnicode Code Point
ALT 0Control character – null (NUL)U+0000
ALT 1White smiling face, smiley faceU+263A
ALT 01Control character – start of heading (SOH)U+0001
ALT 2Black smiling faceU+263B
ALT 02Control character – start of text (STX)U+0002
ALT 3Black heart suitU+2665
ALT 03Control character – end of text (ETX)U+0003
ALT 4Black diamond suitU+2666
ALT 04Control character – end of transmission (EOT)U+0004
ALT 5Black club suitU+2663
ALT 05Control character – enquiry (ENG)U+0005
ALT 6Black spade suitU+2660
ALT 06Control character – acknowledge (ACK)U+0006
ALT 7 or ALT 0149BulletU+2022
ALT 07Control character – bell (BEL)U+0007
ALT 8Inverse bulletU+25D8
ALT 08Control character – backspace (BS)U+0008
ALT 9White circleU+25CB
ALT 09Control character – horizontal tabulation (HT)U+0009
ALT 10Inverse white circleU+25D9
ALT 010Control character – line feed (LF)U+000A
ALT 11Male sign, mars, alchemical symbol for ironU+2642
ALT 011Control character – vertical tabulation (VT)U+000B
ALT 12Female sign, venus, alchemical symbol for copperU+2640
ALT 012Control character – form feed (FF)U+000C
ALT 13Eighth note, quaverU+266A
ALT 013Control character – carriage return (CR)U+000D
ALT 14Beamed eighth notes, barred eighth notes, beamed quaversU+266B
ALT 014Control character – shift out (SO)U+000E
ALT 15White sun with raysU+263C
ALT 015Control character – shift in (SI)U+000F
ALT 16Black right-pointing pointerU+25BA
ALT 016Control character – data link escape (DLE)U+0010
ALT 17Black left-pointing pointerU+25C4
ALT 017Control character – device control one (DC1)U+0011
ALT 18Up down arrowU+2195
ALT 018Control character – device control two (DC2)U+0012
ALT 19Double exclamation markU+203C
ALT 019Control character – device control three (DC3)U+0013
ALT 20 or ALT 0182Pilcrow sign, paragraph signU+00B6
ALT 020Control character – device control four (DC4)U+0014
§ALT 21 or ALT 0167Section signU+00A7
ALT 021Control character – negative acknowledge (NAK)U+0015
ALT 22Black rectangleU+25AC
ALT 022Control character – synchronous idle (SYN)U+0016
ALT 23Up down arrow with baseU+21A8
ALT 023Control character – end of transmission block (ETB)U+0017
ALT 24Upwards arrowU+2191
ALT 024Control character – cancel (CAN)U+0018
ALT 25Downwards arrowU+2193
ALT 025Control character – end of medium (EM)U+0019
ALT 26Rightwards arrow, Z notation total functionU+2192
ALT 026Control character – substitute (SUB)U+001A
ALT 27Leftwards arrowU+2190
ALT 027Control character – escape (ESC)U+001B
ALT 28Right angleU+221F
ALT 028Control character – file separator (FS)U+001C
ALT 29Left right arrow, Z notation relationU+2194
ALT 029Control character – group separator (GS)U+001D
ALT 30Black up-pointing triangleU+25B2
ALT 030Control character – record separator (RS)U+001E
ALT 31Black down-pointing triangleU+25BC
ALT 031Control character – unit separator (US)U+001F
ALT 32 or ALT 032SpaceU+0020
!ALT 33 or ALT 033Exclamation mark, factorialU+0021
ALT 34 or ALT 034Quotation markU+0022
#ALT 35 or ALT 035Number sign, pound sign, hash, crosshatch, octothorpeU+0023
$ALT 36 or ALT 036Dollar sign, milréis, escudoU+0024
%ALT 37 or ALT 037Percent signU+0025
&ALT 38 or ALT 038AmpersandU+0026
ALT 39 or ALT 039ApostropheU+0027
(ALT 40 or ALT 040Left parenthesis, opening parenthesisU+0028
)ALT 41 or ALT 041Right parenthesis, closing parenthesisU+0029
*ALT 42 or ALT 042Asterisk, starU+002A
+ALT 43 or ALT 043Plus signU+002B
,ALT 44 or ALT 044Comma, decimal separatorU+002C
ALT 45 or ALT 045Hyphen, minus signU+002D
.ALT 46 or ALT 046Full stop, period, dot, decimal pointU+002E
/ALT 47 or ALT 047Solidus, slash, forward slash, virguleU+002F
0ALT 48 or ALT 048Digit zeroU+0030
1ALT 49 or ALT 049Digit oneU+0031
2ALT 50 or ALT 050Digit twoU+0032
3ALT 51 or ALT 051Digit threeU+0033
4ALT 52 or ALT 052Digit fourU+0034
5ALT 53 or ALT 053Digit fiveU+0035
6ALT 54 or ALT 054Digit sixU+0036
7ALT 55 or ALT 055Digit sevenU+0037
8ALT 56 or ALT 056Digit eightU+0038
9ALT 57 or ALT 057Digit nineU+0039
:ALT 58 or ALT 058ColonU+003A
;ALT 59 or ALT 059SemicolonU+003B
<ALT 60 or ALT 060Less-than signU+003C
=ALT 61 or ALT 061Equals signU+003D
>ALT 62 or ALT 062Greater-than signU+003E
?ALT 63 or ALT 063Question markU+003F
@ALT 64 or ALT 064Commercial at, at signU+0040
AALT 65 or ALT 065Latin capital letter AU+0041
BALT 66 or ALT 066Latin capital letter BU+0042
CALT 67 or ALT 067Latin capital letter CU+0043
DALT 68 or ALT 068Latin capital letter DU+0044
EALT 69 or ALT 069Latin capital letter EU+0045
FALT 70 or ALT 070Latin capital letter FU+0046
GALT 71 or ALT 071Latin capital letter GU+0047
HALT 72 or ALT 072Latin capital letter HU+0048
IALT 73 or ALT 073Latin capital letter IU+0049
JALT 74 or ALT 074Latin capital letter JU+004A
KALT 75 or ALT 075Latin capital letter KU+004B
LALT 76 or ALT 076Latin capital letter LU+004C
MALT 77 or ALT 077Latin capital letter MU+004D
NALT 78 or ALT 078Latin capital letter NU+004E
OALT 79 or ALT 079Latin capital letter OU+004F
PALT 80 or ALT 080Latin capital letter PU+0050
QALT 81 or ALT 081Latin capital letter QU+0051
RALT 82 or ALT 082Latin capital letter RU+0052
SALT 83 or ALT 083Latin capital letter SU+0053
TALT 84 or ALT 084Latin capital letter TU+0054
UALT 85 or ALT 085Latin capital letter UU+0055
VALT 86 or ALT 086Latin capital letter VU+0056
WALT 87 or ALT 087Latin capital letter WU+0057
XALT 88 or ALT 088Latin capital letter XU+0058
YALT 89 or ALT 089Latin capital letter YU+0059
ZALT 90 or ALT 090Latin capital letter ZU+005A
[ALT 91 or ALT 091Left square bracket, opening square bracketU+005B
\ALT 92 or ALT 092Reverse Solidus, backslashU+005C
]ALT 93 or ALT 093Right square bracket, closing square bracketU+005D
^ALT 94 or ALT 094Circumflex accentU+005E
_ALT 95 or ALT 095Low line, underscoreU+005F
`ALT 96 or ALT 096Grave accentU+0060
aALT 97 or ALT 097Latin small letter aU+0061
bALT 98 or ALT 098Latin small letter bU+0062
cALT 99 or ALT 099Latin small letter cU+0063
dALT 100 or ALT 0100Latin small letter dU+0064
eALT 101 or ALT 0101Latin small letter eU+0065
fALT 102 or ALT 0102Latin small letter fU+0066
gALT 103 or ALT 0103Latin small letter gU+0067
hALT 104 or ALT 0104Latin small letter hU+0068
iALT 105 or ALT 0105Latin small letter iU+0069
jALT 106 or ALT 0106Latin small letter jU+006A
kALT 107 or ALT 0107Latin small letter kU+006B
lALT 108 or ALT 0108Latin small letter lU+006C
mALT 109 or ALT 0109Latin small letter mU+006D
nALT 110 or ALT 0110Latin small letter nU+006E
oALT 111 or ALT 0111Latin small letter oU+006F
pALT 112 or ALT 0112Latin small letter pU+0070
qALT 113 or ALT 0113Latin small letter qU+0071
rALT 114 or ALT 0114Latin small letter rU+0072
sALT 115 or ALT 0115Latin small letter sU+0073
tALT 116 or ALT 0116Latin small letter tU+0074
uALT 117 or ALT 0117Latin small letter uU+0075
vALT 118 or ALT 0118Latin small letter vU+0076
wALT 119 or ALT 0119Latin small letter wU+0077
xALT 120 or ALT 0120Latin small letter xU+0078
yALT 121 or ALT 0121Latin small letter yU+0079
zALT 122 or ALT 0122Latin small letter zU+007A
{ALT 123 or ALT 0123Left curly bracket, opening curly bracket, left braceU+007B
|ALT 124 or ALT 0124Vertical line, vertical barU+007C
}ALT 125 or ALT 0125Right curly bracket, closing curly bracket, right braceU+007D
~ALT 126 or ALT 0126TildeU+007E
ALT 127HouseU+2302
ALT 0127Control character – delete (DEL)U+007F
ÇALT 128 or ALT 0199Latin capital letter C with cedillaU+00C7
ALT 0128Euro signU+20AC
üALT 129 or ALT 0252Latin small letter u with diaeresisU+00FC
ALT 0129Control character – high octet preset (HOP)U+0081
éALT 130 or ALT 0233Latin small letter e with acuteU+00E9
ALT 0130Single low-9 quotation markU+201A
âALT 131 or ALT 0226Latin small letter a with circumflexU+00E2
äALT 132 or ALT 0228Latin small letter a with diaeresisU+00E4
ALT 0132Double low-9 quotation markU+201E
àALT 133 or ALT 0224Latin small letter a with graveU+00E0
ALT 0133Horizontal ellipsis, three dot leaderU+2026
åALT 134 or ALT 0229Latin small letter a with ring aboveU+00E5
ALT 0134Dagger, obelisk, crossU+2020
çALT 135 or ALT 0231Latin small letter c with cedillaU+00E7
ALT 0135Double dagger, double obelisk, diesisU+2021
êALT 136 or ALT 0234Latin small letter e with circumflexU+00EA
ˆALT 0136Modifier Letter Circumflex AccentU+02C6
ëALT 137 or ALT 0235Latin small letter e with diaeresisU+00EB
ALT 0137Per mille sign, per thousandU+2030
èALT 138 or ALT 0232Latin small letter e with graveU+00E8
ŠALT 0138Latin capital letter S with caron, S hacekU+0160
ïALT 139 or ALT 0239Latin small letter i with diaeresisU+00EF
ALT 0139Single left-pointing angle quotation mark, left guillemetU+2039
îALT 140 or ALT 0238Latin small letter i with circumflexU+00EE
ŒALT 0140Latin capital ligature OEU+0152
ìALT 141 or ALT 0236Latin small letter i with graveU+00EC
ALT 0141Control character – reverse line feed (RI)U+008D
ÄALT 142 or ALT 0196Latin capital letter A with diaeresisU+00C4
ŽALT 0142Latin capital letter Z with caron, Z hacekU+017D
ÅALT 143 or ALT 0197Latin capital letter A with ring aboveU+00C5
ALT 0143Control character – single shift three (SS3)U+008F
ÉALT 144 or ALT 0201Latin capital letter E with acuteU+00C9
ALT 0144Control character – device control string (DCS)U+0090
æALT 145 or ALT 0230Latin small letter ae, ash (from Old English æsc)U+00E6
ALT 0145Left single quotation markU+2018
ÆALT 146 or ALT 0198Latin capital letter AEU+00C6
ALT 0146Right single quotation markU+2019
ôALT 147 or ALT 0244Latin small letter o with circumflexU+00F4
ALT 0147Left double quotation markU+201C
öALT 148 or ALT 0246Latin small letter o with diaeresisU+00F6
ALT 0148Right double quotation markU+201D
òALT 149 or ALT 0242Latin small letter o with graveU+00F2
ûALT 150 or ALT 0251Latin small letter u with circumflexU+00FB
ALT 0150En dashU+2013
ùALT 151 or ALT 0249Latin small letter u with graveU+00F9
ALT 0151Em dashU+2014
ÿALT 152 or ALT 0255Latin small letter y with diaeresisU+00FF
˜ALT 0152Small tildeU+02DC
ÖALT 153 or ALT 0214Latin capital letter O with diaeresisU+00D6
ALT 0153Trade mark signU+2122
ÜALT 154 or ALT 0220Latin capital letter U with diaeresisU+00DC
šALT 0154Latin small letter s with caron, s hacekU+0161
¢ALT 155 or ALT 0162Cent signU+00A2
ALT 0155Single right-pointing angle quotation mark, right guillemetU+203A
£ALT 156 or ALT 0163Pound sign, pound sterling, Irish punt, lira signU+00A3
œALT 0156Latin small ligature oeU+0153
¥ALT 157 or ALT 0165Yen sign, yuan signU+00A5
ALT 0157Control character – operating system command (OSC)U+009D
ALT 158Peseta signU+20A7
žALT 0158Latin small letter z with caron, z hacekU+017E
ƒALT 159 or ALT 0131Latin small letter f with hook, florin currency symbol, function symbolU+0192
ŸALT 0159Latin capital letter Y with diaeresisU+0178
áALT 160 or ALT 0225Latin small letter a with acuteU+00E1
íALT 161 or ALT 0237Latin small letter i with acuteU+00ED
óALT 162 or ALT 0243Latin small letter o with acuteU+00F3
úALT 163 or ALT 0250Latin small letter u with acuteU+00FA
ñALT 164 or ALT 0241Latin small letter n with tilde, small letter enyeU+00F1
¤ALT 0164Currency signU+00A4
ÑALT 165 or ALT 0209Latin capital letter N with tilde, capital letter enyeU+00D1
ªALT 166 or ALT 0170Feminine ordinal indicatorU+00AA
¦ALT 0166Broken bar, parted rule (in typography)U+00A6
ºALT 167 or ALT 0186Masculine ordinal indicatorU+00BA
¿ALT 168 or ALT 0191Inverted question mark, turned question markU+00BF
¨ALT 0168DiaeresisU+00A8
ALT 169Reversed not sign, beginning of lineU+2310
©ALT 0169Copyright signU+00A9
¬ALT 170 or ALT 0172Not sign, angled dashU+00AC
½ALT 171 or ALT 0189Vulgar fraction one halfU+00BD
¼ALT 172 or ALT 0188Vulgar fraction one quarterU+00BC
¡ALT 173 or ALT 0161Inverted exclamation markU+00A1
­ALT 0173Soft hyphen, discretionary hyphenU+00AD
«ALT 174 or ALT 0171Left-pointing double angle quotation mark, left guillemet, chevrons (in typography)U+00AB
®ALT 0174Registered signU+00AE
»ALT 175 or ALT 0187Right-pointing double angle quotation mark, right guillemetU+00BB
¯ALT 0175Macron, overline, overbarU+00AF
ALT 176Light shadeU+2591
ALT 177Medium shade, speckles fill, dotted fillU+2592
ALT 178Dark shadeU+2593
ALT 179Box drawings light verticalU+2502
³ALT 0179Superscript three, cubedU+00B3
ALT 180Box drawings light vertical and leftU+2524
´ALT 0180Acute accentU+00B4
ALT 181Box drawings vertical single and left doubleU+2561
ALT 182Box drawings vertical double and left singleU+2562
ALT 183Box drawings down double and left singleU+2556
ALT 184Box drawings down single and left doubleU+2555
¸ALT 0184CedillaU+00B8
ALT 185Box drawings double vertical and leftU+2563
¹ALT 0185Superscript oneU+00B9
ALT 186Box drawings double verticalU+2551
ALT 187Box drawings double down and leftU+2557
ALT 188Box drawings double up and leftU+255D
ALT 189Box drawings up double and left singleU+255C
ALT 190Box drawings up single and left doubleU+255B
¾ALT 0190Vulgar fraction three quartersU+00BE
ALT 191Box drawings light down and leftU+2510
ALT 192Box drawings light up and rightU+2514
ÀALT 0192Latin capital letter A with graveU+00C0
ALT 193Box drawings light up and horizontalU+2534
ÁALT 0193Latin capital letter A with acuteU+00C1
ALT 194Box drawings light down and horizontalU+252C
ÂALT 0194Latin capital letter A with circumflexU+00C2
ALT 195Box drawings light vertical and rightU+251C
ÃALT 0195Latin capital letter A with tildeU+00C3
ALT 196Box drawings light horizontalU+2500
ALT 197Box drawings light vertical and horizontalU+253C
ALT 198Box drawings vertical single and right doubleU+255E
ALT 199Box drawings vertical double and right singleU+255F
ALT 200Box drawings double up and rightU+255A
ÈALT 0200Latin capital letter E with graveU+00C8
ALT 201Box drawings double down and rightU+2554
ALT 202Box drawings double up and horizontalU+2569
ÊALT 0202Latin capital letter E with circumflexU+00CA
ALT 203Box drawings double down and horizontalU+2566
ËALT 0203Latin capital letter E with diaeresisU+00CB
ALT 204Box drawings double vertical and rightU+2560
ÌALT 0204Latin capital letter I with graveU+00CC
ALT 205Box drawings double horizontalU+2550
ÍALT 0205Latin capital letter I with acuteU+00CD
ALT 206Box drawings double vertical and horizontalU+256C
ÎALT 0206Latin capital letter I with circumflexU+00CE
ALT 207Box drawings up single and horizontal doubleU+2567
ÏALT 0207Latin capital letter I with diaeresisU+00CF
ALT 208Box drawings up double and horizontal singleU+2568
ÐALT 0208Latin capital letter ethU+00D0
ALT 209Box drawings down single and horizontal doubleU+2564
ALT 210Box drawings down double and horizontal singleU+2565
ÒALT 0210Latin capital letter O with graveU+00D2
ALT 211Box drawings up double and right singleU+2559
ÓALT 0211Latin capital letter O with acuteU+00D3
ALT 212Box drawings up single and right doubleU+2558
ÔALT 0212Latin capital letter O with circumflexU+00D4
ALT 213Box drawings down single and right doubleU+2552
ÕALT 0213Latin capital letter O with tildeU+00D5
ALT 214Box drawings down double and right singleU+2553
ALT 215Box drawings vertical double and horizontal singleU+256B
×ALT 0215Multiplication sign, z notation cartesian productU+00D7
ALT 216Box drawings vertical single and horizontal doubleU+256A
ØALT 0216Latin capital letter O with strokeU+00D8
ALT 217Box drawings light up and leftU+2518
ÙALT 0217Latin capital letter U with graveU+00D9
ALT 218Box drawings light down and rightU+250C
ÚALT 0218Latin capital letter U with acuteU+00DA
ALT 219Full block, solid blockU+2588
ÛALT 0219Latin capital letter U with circumflexU+00DB
ALT 220Lower half blockU+2584
ALT 221Left half blockU+258C
ÝALT 0221Latin capital letter Y with acuteU+00DD
ALT 222Right half blockU+2590
ÞALT 0222Latin capital letter thornU+00DE
ALT 223Upper half blockU+2580
αALT 224Greek small letter alphaU+03B1
ßALT 225 or ALT 0223Latin small letter sharp s, eszettU+00DF
ΓALT 226Greek capital letter gammaU+0393
πALT 227Greek small letter piU+03C0
ãALT 0227Latin small letter a with tildeU+00E3
ΣALT 228Greek capital letter sigmaU+03A3
σALT 229Greek small letter sigmaU+03C3
µALT 230 or ALT 0181Micro signU+00B5
τALT 231Greek capital letter tauU+03A4
ΦALT 232Greek capital letter phiU+03A6
ΘALT 233Greek capital letter thetaU+0398
ΩALT 234Greek capital letter omegaU+03A9
δALT 235Greek small letter deltaU+03B4
ALT 236InfinityU+221E
φALT 237Greek small letter phiU+03C6
εALT 238Greek small letter epsilonU+03B5
ALT 239IntersectionU+2229
ALT 240Identical toU+2261
ðALT 0240Latin small letter ethU+00F0
±ALT 241 or ALT 0177Plus-minus signU+00B1
ALT 242Greater-than or equal toU+2265
ALT 243Less-than or equal toU+2264
ALT 244Top half integralU+2320
ALT 245Bottom half integralU+2321
õALT 0245Latin small letter o with tildeU+00F5
÷ALT 246 or ALT 0247Division sign, obelusU+00F7
ALT 247Almost equal to, asymptotic toU+2248
°ALT 248 or ALT 0176Degree signU+00B0
øALT 0248Latin small letter o with strokeU+00F8
ALT 249Bullet operatorU+2219
·ALT 250 or ALT 0183Middle dot, midpoint (in typography), interpunct, Georgian comma, Greek ano teleiaU+00B7
ALT 251Square root, radical signU+221A
ALT 252Superscript Latin small letter nU+207F
²ALT 253 or ALT 0178Superscript two, squaredU+00B2
ýALT 0253Latin small letter y with acuteU+00FD
ALT 254Black squareU+25A0
þALT 0254Latin small letter thornU+00FE
ALT 255 or ALT 0160No-break space, non-breaking space, nbspU+00A0

How to create Symbols using Alt Codes

Below there are shown some tips on how you can type and create the symbols by using Alt codes. You are provided with an example of the cent (currency symbols) that you can type, namely the sign < ¢ > on your Windows PC. Follow these steps:

  • Step 1 – At first, you need to open a document where you wish to type or see the symbol you create through Alt codes.
  • Step 2 – Next, make sure that the key to “Num Lock” is positioned as “ON.”
  • Step 3- Then, you must press and hold down simultaneously, the left “Alt’ key of your keyboard.
  • Step 4 – Next, click the one/1 key on the number pad.
  • Step 5 – Once you press 1, then immediately press the five/5 key on the number pad.
  • Step 6 – Finally, you need to press the five/5 key on the number pad.

See the photo below for further examples:

Windows Alt Key Codes for Mac.

Below there are some further examples that you can try on your keyboard. You may notice that some lower numbers have a designated keyboard key like the < $ > sign.

Currency Symbol examples with keyboard codes:

  • Symbol – $ (Dollar); Keyboard codes: Alt 3 6;
  • Symbol – ¢ (Cents); Keyboard codes: Alt 1 5 5;
  • Symbol – £ (Pound); Keyboard codes: Alt 1 5 6;
  • Symbol – € (Euro); Keyboard codes: Alt 0 1 2 8;
  • Symbol – ₣ (French Franc); Keyboard codes: Alt 8 3 5 5.

Can Alt Codes don’t work

Sometimes it happens so that the Alt codes do not function and work as expected. The reason for that has to do with some details such as code pages and sometimes even Windows registry settings. For instance, if you tried to insert the Alt code for the French Franc in WordPad, Microsoft Word, or Outlook, it would work fine. However, it will not work using Excel, Gmail, my code editor, or other similar programs. Along with these programs, any code which is higher than about 255 will cause some unexpected results. Hence, you will immediately see a symbol produced, but it will not be the one you wanted, making it more confusing.

About Alt Key Symbols

There are hundreds of Alt key symbols. They are created by the combination of the alt key and numbers. For example, Alt+1 to Alt+31 represent icon symbols like faces and icons, while numbers 176 to 223 represent graphic polygons and lines.

The Alt key is widely known as part of the key combinations, by which you can do the following procedures:

  • “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” shows a task manager in some operating systems.
  • “Alt+⌘ Cmd+Esc” shows the “Force Quit” pop-up window in the Apple system.
  • “Alt+F4” closes the current window. It can also shut down the system if the desktop is in the foreground.
  • “Alt+⇧ Shift” switches among the layout of the language system.
  • “Alt+Tab ↹” switches among the opened window.

How to type an Alt Key Symbol on keyboard

For instance, let’s create a degree symbol using its “Alt Code” value on the keyboard. Follow the following steps:

  • Step 1 – At first, make sure that the “Num Lock” key is switched “on.”
  • Step 2 – Next, you need to press and hold down simultaneously the Alt key.
  • Step 3 – Then, type the ‘Alt Code” value of the degree symbol (or any other symbol you want to see in your document) along with “0176” on the numeric pad of your computer or laptop.
  • Step 4 – Next, release the “Alt key,” You will immediately get a < ° > degree symbol in your document.

*Note: Above mentioned method is not applicable for Mac OS; You can use this method with Windows.

Alt Code Symbols

The Alt Code Symbol Directory