Animal symbols are worldwide unique collections that belong to the world of myths, traditions, and religious cultures around the globe. These animal symbols in themselves carry secret meaning that is revealed through oral traditions or written texts about them. The symbols are frequently related to the particular personality and characteristics of the animals they represent.

The tiger signifies energy and power all over the world. The tiger is a powerful symbol across Asia and in many cultures. It is associated with passion, speed, ferocity, wrath, and sensuality. In addition to this, it represents beauty.

Cat is a symbol of spiritual power, freedom, love of liberty. It represents bad luck in Japan. The black cat is linked to evil cunning in the Celtic world and with harmful djins in the Islamic world. A cat is independent, recovers quickly, and has freedom of thought. The cat is famed for having nine lives.

The snake is a symbol of charm, danger, and sexual energy. It is one of the oldest symbols that frequently appear in the Bible and the Egyptian iconography. In the Old Testament, God defeats the snake that was in the Garden of Eden; that’s why lots of people believe it is an eternal troublemaker for humans. In China, the snake is one of the astrological symbols, and they think that people born under the snake sign would lead privileged lives and would gain wealth. Phallic shape snake has, associates it with fertility. Many communities correlate it with rebirth and immortality. In different cultures, the snake is as an enemy or friend. Other peoples represent the snake with wisdom and knowledge.

The horse is a symbol of velocity, energy, beauty, and it represents power, strength, and stamina. In addition to these qualities, it is a potent symbol of beauty and grace.

The monkey is a symbol of fun, action, playfulness, attractiveness, intelligence, and energetic nature. It is one of the signs of the Chinese zodiac, which indicates a person who has many friends. The monkey is also related to natural curiosity and self-indulgence and rebellion.

A dog is a symbol for friend and guardian. It represents loyalty, faithfulness, vigilance, intelligence, honesty, and willingness to fight injustice.

The elephant is commonly considered a symbol of good luck. In China, India, and Africa, the elephant represents power, dignity, intelligence, and peace. It also symbolizes wisdom, benevolence, strength, fidelity, and longevity.

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