Body parts emojis have direct meanings representing the vegetable or the meal but also have some indirect implications related to other things as well.

Eyes emoji is used to indicate the desire to look at or see something also may mean evading a question.

Flexed Biceps emoji is used in the context of work out, sports and boy building also it may refer to strength, ambition, and perseverance.

Leg emoji is used when combined with running emoji it indicates that you love sports and running or with a razor to tell someone that you are shaved.

Foot emoji, some people use it to refer to a smelly person.

Ear emoji is probably used to indicate hearing and listening, but it may also be used to indicate that a person hears something wired.

Nose emoji is generally used for smelling something it also may indicate that a person is nosy, or a person has insecurities about the shape of their nose.

Brain emoji, besides referring to the most important orang of the body, and it also indicates that a person is smart or thinking.

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