The degree symbol takes the shape of a small superscript circle. This particular symbol is mainly used in many fields and has a different indication in each of them. For instance, in geometry, this symbol represents the degree of the angle (arch). Simultaneously, in weather and physics, it notes the temperature, the hours in medicine, and the diminished quality in musical harmony. According to the records, scientists think that the first use of the symbol was in mathematics in 1657. In the case of geometry, the logo is placed after the number. However, when writing the temperature, it is positioned right after the number and before the letter c (represents Celsius). 

The icon of Degree Symbol

The icon of indicates the degree symbol. Sometimes those who mainly deal with physics, mathematics, or other various kinds of calculations may need to use or type a degree symbol, which is not directly added on the standard keyboard. The degree symbol can be used in case if you are dealing with angles, or even when you need to operate with temperature and want to use the Celsius degree sign. The degree symbol is a typical “coordinate degree” sign too. There are a few steps to make or type a degree symbol. You can either copy the sign from the net and then paste into your document, or directly use the degree code in your text.

How to type the Degree Symbol in PC

Here are a few ways to type the degree symbol: The degree symbol on Microsoft Windows (PC): Press and then hold the “ALT” key; then type “0176” on the numeric keypad of your computer’s keyboard. Do not forget to make sure that the “NumLock” button is position on “ON” and then type “0176” with the leading zero. If it happens so that there is no numeric keypad, you have to press and hold at the same time the button of “Fn” right before typing the “0176” numbers of degree symbols. Another way is to hold down the “Alt” key, and then on the numeric keypad right on the right side of the keyboard, then click “Alt” along with “248” numbers.

Degree Symbol on macOS

At the same time, press and hold the “Shift” + “Option” +8 keys on the keyboard.

Degree Symbol in Latex

The degree symbol can be typed in LaTeX with the help of only using the required packages.

How to Type the Degree Symbol on IOS

Right from the iOS keyboard, you can type the symbol on your iPad or iPhone or iPad, for which you need first to click the “123” button to see the numerical keypad. Then, once you get access, you can type the degree symbol by tapping and holding the “0 (zero)” key. In this way, it will reveal the degree symbol, which can then be selected via a pop-up menu bar that appears over the key.

Degree Symbol on Android

To get the degree symbol, you first need to switch to the numbers and symbols keyboard, where the degree symbol will immediately appear on one of your Android’s keyboard pages.

Degree Symbol in MS Word

  • You can insert a degree symbol whenever you write about measurements and temperatures in Word document. To use this icon, you can do it by using the “Symbol” drop-down menu bar or the keyboard shortcut as well, by pressing the button of “Alt,” hold this button and then type “0176”.
  • Another way to use the degree symbol in MS word is to insert the degree symbol by using the ribbon. First, you need to place the cursor where you wish the degree symbol to go in the text; Then click “Insert,” then press on the “Symbol.” Once you click it, select “More Symbols.” After that, you need to choose the font of the “Font” drop-down menu bar. To find the degree symbol, you have to choose “Latin -1 Supplement” from the “Subset” drop-down menu bar. Next, scroll among the symbols and then click the degree symbol. To do so, click “Insert.” Remember that, once you have used the degree symbol icon, it will later automatically appear in the “Recently Used Symbols” list, which is situated in the “Symbol Menu.”

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