Dominos is a game that uses rectangular tiles divided in the middle by a line; each has a number between zero and six featuring all combinations between the two numbers. The traditional domino game consists of 28 tiles.

The tiles’ length is usually as twice as the width. Domino tiles are traditionally named after their two values. The pipe that has the same value on both sides is called a double. The oldest known place for dominos is china documented by the yuan dynasty (1271 – 1368).

Dominos was first introduced to Europe in the 18th century, Italy was the first place where dominos appeared.

The blocking game is the most popular type of domino games; this game requires at least two persons, the player who has the double six starts the game. All tiles are shuffled with its face to the ground. Each player takes seven tiles, and then the game begins. Players keep putting matching numbers until they don’t have a valid pipe they start pulling from the tiles on the side. A player wins the game if he finishes all his tiles. If the game is blocked, the player caused the block to get all of the other player’s points.

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