Food emojis have direct meanings representing the vegetable or the meal but also have some indirect meanings related to other things as well.

Lemon Emoji represents the sour citrus used to make lemonade; this emoji is also used in a context related to bitterness and troubles.

Eggplant emoji used to refer to the vegetable, but it also means that a person is a subject of other people’s jokes.

Potato emoji represents a row form of the vegetable also used as a not so friendly comment about somebody’s appearance.

Bread Emoji has a direct meaning, which is a loaf of bread but also the indirect meaning of having food with family. Also, it may mean having a good meal.

French Fries Emoji is associated with American food. Popcorn Emoji also used to indicate that a person is watching a movie at home.

A cluster of grape berry fruit, the grape is used to make wine too.

Watermelon emoji is represented with a whole uncut melon.

Watermelon2 Emoji is a sliced watermelon.

waWatermelon is different from the melon emoji because they are different fruits.

Tangerine Emoji which is also could be used as orang emoji or also citrus, it may also indicate orange color.

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