Mahjong tiles are the pieces used for playing mahjong game, mahjong solitaire and other games. Tiles are divided into four categories suited, honor, flower, and joker tiles. In mahjong tiles we have three suits include stones, characters, and bamboos. Two honor suits include winds and dragons. One optional suit is the flowers.

Stones suit is circular shapes; each one contains a number between one and nine. Theses round shapes represent a coin with a square in the middle. There are a total of 108 stone suits. Characters tiles represent the numbers one to nine in the Chinese language. Characters feature a character on its surface called wan, which means 10.000. There are 36 characters tiles in every set.

Bamboos or sticks refers to the ancient copper coin. Bamboo tiles contain numbers between two and nine. A bird sitting on a bamboo replaces the number one in bamboo tiles.

Flowers are set of eight tiles with flowers drawing on the face; the number of flowers ranges from one to four.

Honor suits have the wind suit which has four tiles representing the directions of the compass. Other suits are arrows and dragons in total there 12 of them.

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