Aries – The first Zodiac Symbol – It is considered a fire sign; people born under this sign are known to be active, outgoing, and generally likes adventure.

Taurus –  The second Zodiac sign – A Bull represents the Babylonian sequence with Earth as its element, and the ruling planet is Venus.

Gemini – The third Zodiac sign – It is an air factor with Mercury. The Greek superstition background is about the two brothers Castor and Pollux of Helen of Troy. They were protecting the sailors and ships.

Cancer – The fourth Zodiac sign. A water sign and controlled by the Moon. In Chinese symbolism, cancer conveys high social status and progress. It represents Trust, Cycles, Emotion, Protection, and Transformation.

Leo – The fifth Zodiac sign – It is a fire element guided by the Sun. In Egyptian culture, the Lion represents the “life-giving flood.” The sign represents Power, Exuberance, and Expanse.

Virgo – The sixth of the Zodiac signs, also known as the Virgin – The Goddess of the harvest symbol represents Isis. This element is a water element, guided by Mercury.

 Libra – The seventh Zodiac sign – Libra is considered an air element guided by Venus. Libra represents justice, balance, stability, and patience.

 Scorpio – The eighth Zodiac sign – It is a water element guided by pluto. The Scorpion sign has been linked to the transition, control, sex, solitary, passion, protection, and defensiveness.

 Sagittarius – The ninth Zodiac sign – It is represented by A half-man and half-horse. In Babylonian culture, this sign was associated with evil. It is a fire element and is associated with Zeus or Jupiter.

Capricorn – The tenth Zodiac sign – It is an Earth subject that is guided by Saturn. This symbol indicates courage, curiosity, faith, sturdiness, intelligence, dignity, balance, aloofness, and masculinity.

Aquarius – The eleventh Zodiac sign – It is an air element and ruled by Uranus. The sign is promised to be the “leader” of all the Zodiac signs, according to astrologers. Aquarians are unusual and quite mysterious. The non-conformist and highly innovative Uranus often rule them. They tend to be clever, independent, friendly, and inventive.

Pisces – The twelfth Zodiac sign – Pisces is a water subject ruled by Neptune. In Christian belief, it is a symbol of faith and prosperity, as shown in the bible in the fish and loaves of bread story. In Paganism, In Celtic symbolism, the fish indicates wisdom, knowledge, and motivation.

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