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  • The Num lock should always be enabled. If it is disabled when you are attempting an alt code, it may cause errors or unexpected results in some applications. For example, Alt+4 could be interpreted as Alt +, ← which causes the browser to go back if the Num lock is disabled.
  • If your laptop keyboard doesn't have a separate NumPad, you should hold FN button with Alt button while typing the code.
  • This method does not work for Linux system, but it is possible to use Unicode.

Other Math Symbols

Diamond Symbol

The diamond in shape is represented in the alt code, also known as a rhombus < ♢ >. It has four sides, and all sides are equal in length. Every two opposite sides are similar, and also every two different angles are equal. The summation of the diamond's four angles is 360 degrees. A diamond shape, along with an upright angle is a square. The diamond symbol was mainly valued for its bright beauty. Concerning its outer appearance is associated with valuable attributes related to living a meaningful life, such as clarity, purity, and wisdom, as the series of triangles that make up the diamond shape to be present in the realm of design right across every religion, culture, and period. It indicates the same themes and topics as the other physical characteristics of diamonds.

Representation of Diamond Symbol

The diamond is considered as a symbol of light life and the sun. Moreover, the diamond symbol appears to be an emblem of perfection and purity, of invincible spiritual power. Also, as it is known, the diamond symbol is the stone of faithfulness, commitment, or a promise between the relationship of husband and wife. The diamond icon also serves riches, unconquerable, intellectual knowledge, along with treasures. It is worth noting that the significance of the love that a diamond symbol is considered to be representing, and also the fact that it touches the skin of a human (for example, as an accessory), means that the diamonds become imbued along with the humans' memories, and are a direct physical link within the generations.

Furthermore, it is known that the diamonds have come mainly to symbolize commitment and love, as mentioned earlier. For instance, in the past, rings were produced without gemstones. But these days, engagement and wedding rings are frequently set along with diamonds. Hence, you would have a difficult time finding a wedding or an engagement ring that did not consist of a real diamond or even a similar alternative. Diamonds can also symbolize wealth and status. As the early royal families, aristocrats, and wealthy families held collections of diamonds, and it is not uncommon to find diamonds of adorn wallets, bags, phone cases, or even clothing. While diamonds have become more popular and prevalent, they, at the same time, remain a luxury product that is reserved for those who can afford it. Diamonds, besides love and wealth, can represent the symbol of extravagance and beauty. For example, from Hollywood award shows to presidential dinners, diamonds may be found on accessories and jewelry (e.g., rings, watches, necklaces, earrings, etc.). The way the light sparkles and reflects on a gemstone of the diamond can be immediately captivating that gives a sense of elegance as well.

Unfortunately, diamonds have also come to represent some of the worst tragedies and conflicts in our lifetime. The gemstone mining has resulted in child slavery and child soldiers, and even civil wars in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

How to type Diamond Symbol

To type the diamond symbol in a document, follow the below-listed ways:

  • On Windows: You should hold down the "ALT" key button and then type "4" on your keyboard's keypad.
  • On Mac OS: You have to hold down the button of the "Command" and "Option" keys while you press the letter "T." In this way, you will display the "Character Palette." After that, you need to choose the symbol you wish you type, in that case, the diamond symbol, and then press the Insert button.
  • In HTML: use the codes of “&diamonds”, or “&#9830”.

How to use and type Diamond symbol code?

  • If your keyboard contains separate NumPad, you should be sure that it is enabled. If it is not, press the Num Lock key to activate it then press hold down the Alt key on the left side. Type the number that represents that character or the symbol you want to insert and then release the insert key.
  • For example, for the greek letter omega Ω press and hold Alt and the type 0234 and then release.
  • There is another method that works only for word documents. In this method, you should type the characters first then press Alt and X. For example ( 0234 + Alt + X for greek letter omega ).
  • If you have a keyboard that doesn't have NumPad here is what will work for you. Find the Function key ( FN ) then presses and hold the function key while holding press and release Num LK key; then release FN key. This method will activate the numeric keypad in your laptop.
  • Then do the same steps as in the previous example.
  • Notice that in IBM code you don't use 0 (Alt + 255 ) before the code which is different from the windows generator that requires to add 0 (Alt + 0255 ) before the code.

Table of Symbols and Codes

Symbol Title / Description Unicode Code / HTML Code
Black Small Diamond &#11049; &#x2B29;
Diamond With Top Half Black &#11032; &#x2B18;
White Diamond Containing Black Small Diamond &#9672; &#x25C8;
Black Diamond Centred &#11201; &#x2BC1;
Diamond With Left Half Black &#11030; &#x2B16;
Black Diamond &#9670; &#x25C6;
White Medium Diamond &#11046; &#x2B26;
White Concave-sided Diamond With Leftwards Tick &#10210; &#x27E2;
White Diamond &#9671; &#x25C7;
Diamond With Right Half Black &#11031; &#x2B17;
Black Diamond Suit &#9830; &#x2666;
White Concave-sided Diamond With Rightwards Tick &#10211; &#x27E3;
Error-barred Black Diamond &#10737; &#x29F1;
White Diamond With Centred Dot &#10192; &#x27D0;
Error-barred White Diamond &#10736; &#x29F0;
Black Medium Diamond &#11045; &#x2B25;
White Diamond Suit &#9826; &#x2662;
White Concave-sided Diamond &#10209; &#x27E1;
Diamond With Bottom Half Black &#11033; &#x2B19;
Black Diamond Minus White X &#10070; &#x2756;

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